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The Aeonmed Integrated Operation System

Mobile Integrated Operation Systems mean maximising and utilising space in the operating theatre. These systems also adapt well to a range of different environments, including modern clinics, field use, rescues, township hospitals, mountainous areas and many other challenging environments.

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This particular holistic medical system, the Aeonmed Integrated Operating System includes:
  1. A surgical bed
  2. Shadowless lamp
  3. Anaesthesia machine
  4. Sputum elimination machine
  5. High frequency electric knife
  6. Surgical washing equipment

OP750 Surgical Bed – This bed is suitable for a range of different surgeries and meets the demand of different operative postures

Eump500D Syringe Pump – Compact, lightweight design

EN-S7 Infusion Pump – Colour touch screen, waterproof and an infrared transmission

Strong Aluminium Alloy Frame – Corrosion, oxidation and vibration resistance

T-Guide – Flexible and compatible with a range of surgical accessories

HD Camera – Real-time recording for records and remote diagnosis

OL9500 Shadowless Lamp – Advanced design with excellent exposure depth and a long service life

7900E Anaesthesia Machine – Controlled electronically and equipped with advanced ventilation modes

F3S Monitor – 5 inch TFT LCD touch screen used as a multi-parameter monitor module and transportation monitor

Built-in Dirt Basin – Facilitates with postoperative disinfection

The Life Support System – Customized design for different standards and power sockets, air outlets and clinical needs

Instrument Plate, Drawers, Cabinets – Meets the clinical demands, convenient intraoperative progress recording and medical equipment storage

HV-400 High Frequency Electric Knife – Liquid crystal display with an intuitive design and personalised settings. Safe, reliable and convenient

MC-600C Negative Pressure System – High vacuum, liquidity and free maintenance as well as low noise and vacuum stepless adjustment

CX-200 Type Medical Washing Machine
Aeonmed is a leading medical device manufacturer in China, where they create the newest medical innovations including the Aeonmed Integrated Operation System.

Take a look at the video here... 

SA Healthcare is one of the biggest medical wholesalers in South Africa. We are an international “one-stop shop” for medical companies carrying all types of medical consumables and capital equipment needed for emergency care, as well as home and hospital equipment.


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